Constitution Plaza

Christmas Lights, Constitution Plaza, Hartford, ...

Constitution Plaza is a 3.8-acre area covering three blocks in downtown Hartford. Constructed from 1958-1962, originally had six buildings connected by a public plaza roof garden.

The plaza was considered a model for urban renewal in the 1960s, replacing the Front Street neighborhood, which consisted of 18th- and 19th-century buildings, housing mostly Italian immigrants. Damage from major floods in the 1930s and lack of upkeep by landlords led the neighborhood to be designated as “slums,” which made the project eligible for federal subsidies.

City planners saw the Front Street neighborhood as prime real estate for urban renewal. Demolition of the Front Street neighborhood began in 1958 and Constitution Plaza was completed 4 years later.

Today, Constitution Plaza is criticized by some for displacing residents and removing the vitality from the city. Defenders argue that it kept businesses in a central downtown district in Hartford. The project originally included shops, office buildings, a research center, parking garages, a hotel, and WTIC’s Broadcast House.

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