About This App

Hartford’s built environment is always changing. Throughout the city’s history, buildings have been constructed, removed, and re-used, reflecting and shaping the city’s identity. Since the 1630s, Hartford has been rebuilt three times, and we are now living in what some experts consider the fourth phase of Hartford’s construction (the “fourth build”), which began after World War II and was characterized by new technology, materials, architectural styles, and city planning. Understanding how and why today’s city was built the way it was can inspire and guide us in successfully shaping its future.

In addition to this mobile app, the Connecticut Historical Society is explored more about Hartford's built environment. (Re)Building Hartford: A City Captured by Artist Richard Welling (October 3, 2014 – April 25, 2015) explored the artwork of Connecticut artist Richard Welling, who chronicled the ever-changing Hartford cityscape through detailed ink drawings. Acting as both works of art and documentary snapshots, these drawings revealed the additions to and subtractions from the city’s architectural skyline in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

CHS also featured work by Pablo Delano in Hartford Seen: Photographs by Pablo Delano, whose contemporary documentary photographs of Hartford portray the city’s public and private buildings, street scenes, and storefronts. This installation revealed the history and growth of the city by showing the range and diversity of its built environment; from richly decorated businesses to historic structures to derelict factories.

Satellite exhibits about Hartford were also featured in notable venues around the city. To learn more about these exhibits and related programs throughout the city, visit chs.org/Hartford.